Shawn Beasley Savannah, Georgia
Lace Frontal Installer
Vinette Alexander
Coral Springs, Florida
Caroline Clarke
London England
Seamless, Fusion, Full Lace Installer
Caroline Clarke
Hands On  - Hair Fusion
Caroline Clarke
Hands On  - Seamless
Caroline Clarke
Hands On  - Lace Frontal
Full Lace Wig Installer
Antoinette Hill
Lace Frontal Installer, Full
Seamless, and Simplicity Installer
I trainied Antoinette
@ Her Location Brooklyn, NY
Glam-R-Us INC.
V. Huevenstraat 51
6824 mn arnhem
The Netherlands,[Holland]
Lace Wigs, Lace Frontals, Hair Fusion, & Simplicity Application
Tannia Rankin - Ocala Fl
Weave College 10-30-2011
Trixie Matthews -Beleza Coutour Studio
Durham, NC
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2007: 1-On-1 Hair Extension Training Classes - From London, England
Weave College 2-17-2013
Weave College 3-29-2015 Dallas Texas
Weave College 2-23-2015 Atlanta GA
2008: Danielle was From Holland
Went to Trixie in Durham, NC
2007: Shawn was From Savannah, GA
2008: Tannia was From Ocala, Fl
2007: Danielle was From Brooklyn NY
Weave College 7-17-2011
Weave College 2-5-2012
Weave College 11-2-2014
Weave College
5-24-2015 Charlotte NC
Visit to Tekoa Academy Port Arthur, TX
We Motivate Students!
Weave College
6-14-2015 Jacksonville Fl
Funnies & Class Photos:
Educating For Over 12 Years
We teach the students what the schools do not.
Continued Education!