This class will boost your income dramatically.
Most are my very own registered & trademarked
techniques issued by The United States Patent
Office. Receive the tools to possibly become a 6
figure stylist. Get ahead of your competitors.
10 Install Techniques
Lace & Hair Extensions Install
In this class you will learn how to Install a
Lace Install & Hair Extension Techniques
some which are my very own trademarked
techniques. I show you to correct way of how
to install hair fusion which is one of the most
expensive hair extension techniques on the
market. My most popular viral video
technique "The Braidless Sew-in (The
Originator)" is also in this class. This video
went viral on youtube. Lastly, The Lace
Frontal Sew-in as I am also the originator of  
this technique (2005).
10 Techniques Install Class 3.0 Hours
Lace & Hair Extensions Technique Class
You will be shown how to do each technique.
To learn each technique entire process from the beginning to end, sign up for the
work clinic for each technique separately. This is a technique how to class.
How to do each technique.
*Lace Frontal Install with Adhesive. (Income $200)
*Bleached Knots (without damaging) (Income $30)
*Tweezing & Baby Hair For Natural Appearance (Income $30)
*Tape Extensions Install & Retaping (Income $250)
*Infulock Extensions (Income $900-$1,200)
*Hair Fusion (Income $700-$1,800)
*Flat Fusion™ Named Trademark (Income $700-$1,800)
*Micro Link Hair Cold Fusion (No Heat) (Income $500-$1,000)
*Braid-less Sewin Technique (Income $200)

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Certificate Emailed After Class

What To Bring

Tour City Address Locations
Viral Video 2.4 Million Views
See Training Videos For Full Install Video
10 Hair Extension Install Techniques
by Weave College
Hair Fusion Install
Lace Frontal Install
Infulocks Technique
Dates & Cities
Workshop Class $330 | Deposit $30
Mondays 9:00am-12:00pm
Lace Frontal Install
Call: 904-414-3998        Cell: 904-327-1145       Email:
Paying In Full
Pay Deposit
12/9/2019 San Francisco CA
12/16/2019 Stuart FL
1/6/2020 Jacksonville FL
1/13/2020 Tampa FL
2/10/2019 Stuart FL
3/2/2020 Houston TX
3/9/2020 San Francisco CA
3/30/2020 Detroit MI
4/6/2020 Seacaucus NY
4/20/2020 Baltimore MD
5/4/2020 Atlanta GA
5/18/2020 Charlotte NC
5/25/2020 Los Angeles CA
6/8/2020 Jacksonville FL
7/13/2020 Stuart Fl
8/10/2020 Jacksonville FL
8/17/2020 Dallas TX
9/14/2020 Stuart Fl
9/28/2020 Chicago IL
10/12/2020 Jacksonville Fl
10/26/2020 New Orleans LA
11/16/2020 Stuart Fl
12/7/2020 Las Vegas NV
12/21/2020 Jacksonville FL
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