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Lace Sew-ins
Flawless Lace Sew-in Hands On Class
Flawless Lace Frontal Sew-in Class
Flawless lace sew-ins are great for clients with
alopecia troubled hair or for normal hair as a
protective style. Sign up today for the lace frontal
sew-in class. The Lace Frontal Sew-in technique was
originated by me (Rhonda Robinson) back in 2005.
Women from around the globe was ordering the lace
frontals online & flying in to receive lace frontal
installs. It went viral and is still popular today!
Hands On Class Hosted by Rhonda Robinson Owner
Learn the following lace sew-in techniques:
*How to install Lace Closure/Lace Frontal/Lace Wig Sew-in.
*How to lay and install weft tracks.
*Learn proper stitching & connecting.
*How to bleach knots without damaging lace.
*How to add make-up.
*How to tweeze and to lay baby hair.
*How to speed up your time without jeopardizing your work.
Certificate S
hipped After Class $10.
Viral Youtube Video. A client of mine wore her sew-in 2
years. The video is shared to show just how long my
sew-ins last. However, please be aware and advised that
sew-ins are only recommended to be worn 3-4 months in
order to grow your hair. I will show and share with you the
same exact technique I used on her, in class.
Dates & Cities
Workshop Class $330 | Deposit $55
Mondays 12:00pm-3:00pm
Lace Frontal Sew-in Install
Lace Closure Sew-in Install
Flawless  LaceSew-in Install Class
by Weave College
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7/13/2020 Baltimore MD
7/20/2020 Jacksonville FL
7/27/2020 San Francisco CA
8/3/2020 Detroit MI
8/10/2020 Charlotte NC
8/17/2020 Dallas TX
8/24/2020 Los Angeles CA
8/31/2020 Seacaucus NJ
9/14/2020 Raleigh NC
9/21/2020 Washington DC
9/28/2020 Chicago IL
10/5/2020 Port St Lucie FL
10/12/2020 Atlanta GA
12/7/2020 Las Vegas NV
Houston, Memphis, Miami, New Orleans & Vegas 2021