Hands On Class $300
This class will boost your income dramatically. Most of which are my very
own registered & trademarked techniques issued by The United States
Patent Office. Receive the tools to possibly become a 6 figure stylist. Get a
jump start of about 5 years and be ahead of your competitors.
Sunday's Main Event
Hosted by Rhonda Robinson The Owner & Founder
Sundays 12:30pm-3:30pm
Video Library: 15 Videos Watch Now
Weave College - A Global Hair Extension Class
DESCRIPTION: 10 Techniques Install Class
*Lace Frontal™ Install with Adhesive (Originator of The Lace Frontal Sew-in)
*360 install with No Adhesive & How To Fit
*1 Minute Lace Root Tinting Technique (Avoid Bleaching Damage To Lace)
*Tweezing For Natural Appearance
*Braidless™ Sewin
*Tape Extensions & Retaping Tape Extensions
*Retaping Tape Extensions
*Flat Fusion™
(Named Trademark)
*Hair Fusion
*Micro Link Hair Fusion
*Infulocks® Dred Fusion
*Mannequin Head with Hair (Shoulder Length)
*Tripod Stand, Shears, & Comb
(Everything else needed, we will have in a KIT for you.)
Receive Class Certificate ~ 10 Technique Certificate~
Please wear stylist casual black attire.
Check Your Email For Updates 1-2 weeks before class.
12:30pm - 3:30pm
9/30/2018 St Louis MO
10/7/2018 Philadelphia PA
10/14/2018 San Francisco CA
11/11/2018 Jacksonville FL
12/2/2018 Las Vegas
12/9/2018 New Orleans LA
12/16/2018 Washington DC
1/13/2019 Boston MA
1/20/2019 Charleston SC
2/10/2019 Houston TX
2/24/2019 Miami FL
3/10/2019 Charlotte NC
3/24/2019 Los Angeles CA
4/7/2019 Detroit MI
4/21/2019 New York NY
5/5/2019 Baltimore MD
5/19/2019 Chicago IL
6/23/2019 Jacksonville FL
7/14/2019 Memphis TN
7/28/2019 Atlanta GA
8/11/2018 Dallas TX
8/25/2019 Cleveland OH
9/8/2019 New Orleans LA
9/22/2019 Portland OR
10/6/2019 Philadelphia PA
10/20/2019 Washington DC
11/17/2019 Las Vegas NV
12/1/2019 San Francisco CA
Questions Email: Rhonda@WeaveGenius.com
Phone: 904-414-3998
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